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“We decided to write this email because we would like you to directly feel our deepest gratitude and support for your amazing project. We are Mist and Lacedemone on the forum, and we are firmly convinced about how our life changed after having assimilated what you´re trying to share with readers. We love the inner game and that is what really transformed us. Approaching every situation with a challenging attitude and positivity without caring about other people´s opinions, doing more without being afraid. Thanks to this, like you always say, everything connected to seduction is notably getting better. Without further ado, thanks so much, and until the next meet-up!

- Mist e Lacedemone (via email)

“You are true geniuses! Your site is helping me to grow into a better person and to truly become myself. Thank you!

- Cristiano on the FanPage

“Hi guys, I stumbled upon your site after spotting some sort of facebook page. My compliments go out to you! Your advice is really helpful. It might seem obvious stuff, but so many people do not act or notice certain things until they read about them. Thanks a lot!

- Alessandro via email

“It is interesting to notice all the things we all have in common. We work the same way, and it would not be so hard to imagine, if only we´d do a little bit of confrontation! Some articles were really funny, some other showed me how things are less complicated than we women usually make them. This is a great way for us females to get to known some of your secrets, especially for those of us who are interested to improve themselves or give a chance to men.

- Maria via email

“This is one of the most interesting articles I´ve ever read. Keep it up!”

- Lion commenting “anche alle donne gli piace

“Congratulation for your nice and different site. I really enjoy reading your articles. To those who do not believe in this or who do not agree, I say that one day they will understand  that things truly work pretty much like this. Great work guys, keep going!

- Alessandro on the FanPage “Hi guys, You are great, you´re gonna go far I´ve been following you since the first lesson and I think you are competent and prepared! I follow you mostly because of the personal development theory. I´ve not yet found a single fault in what you say. On the contrary, what you write is always interesting, clear and effective..”

-Comment on “quali sono i tuoi standards” by Pasquale Foglia,  Astrologist and Psicologist, with a top ranking degree in Agricultural Sciences. Neurolinguistic programming expert with books and articles presented on many scientific journals. He wrote: La felicità a portata di mano (Boopen edizioni, 2008)

 ”This site Rocks”

- Leonardo. “I just want to tell you that I totally support you. Italy needs to explore such topics!

- Bira. “Simply, I made it. Thanks, Lospagnolo ahahahaha you are great, keep it up and we´ll fly

-Italianboy commenting on “L’importanza di NON pensare prima di agire _“Great ideas, I´d love to include it on my personal blog (tips from a reader) with a link to your site. Keep it up! _

-From an email sent by Claudio Risè, sociology professor and at Universitá di Scienze di Varese.  As a professional journalist, Risè has been active since 1976 in the field of analytic psychology. He wrote: .Essere uomini. La virilità in un mondo femminilizzato (Red Edizioni, 2000) .Donne selvatiche. Forza e mistero del femminile (con Moidi Paregger), (Frassinelli, 2002) .Maschio, amante felice (Frassinelli, Milano, 1995)

_ “I reached this site a few hours ago, completely by chance and reading a few posts I realized it was exactly what I was looking for. I finally set out to overcome fear and shame, and I am now ready to act to get what I want._

Keep up the good work!.”

-Istvan, by email.